Wondering what my clients say about Radiance Studios?  

Here are few testimonials from clients and workshop participants.

Although I have had success with my resumes and cover letters in the past over the course of a decade in various professional fields, Mieko’s insight and editing took my presentation of myself to the next level. Whether you are just starting off or feel like you have a lot of experience, a fresh, energetic, and honest perspective on professional materials can make all the difference. Recently, I submitted a cover letter for a position I felt excited about, proud of, and free from uncertainty that usually comes with writing about myself. Beyond her way with words, Mieko was remarkable and accessible. As I was hitting a deadline, I felt supported to the very last minute. Mieko was available to me whenever I needed help. Not only did I walk away with a great set of final deliverables; she customized a newly formatted resume that I could use in the future. This meant I could spend time updating my work experience on my resume and less time on formatting. I wasn’t just receiving a service; I was building a new foundation for the advancement of my professional life.
— Katie L.
Mieko was always very positive and uplifting during our sessions. I looked forward to our meetings and walked away feeling inspired, motivated, and full of energy ready to take on the world. In the beginning when I went through cycles of motivation, Mieko was there to remind me of my strategy and put me back on course.

I felt that Mieko genuinely cared about my future. Having Mieko, the all-star on my team, gave me the confidence that nothing could stop us from reaching our goals together. It really felt like a team effort.
— Michael D.
During every session I learned something that I didn’t know before and was able to take those lessons and immediately apply them to improve some aspect of my career planning. Having a set agenda in advance of the sessions was very helpful to stay on track and to make sure we were addressing issues that were relevant to me and my current situation. You continually maintained a positive attitude that helped me stay positive about my career transition.
— Natalie B.
Overall, I learned a lot of practical information. The idea of personal branding is a bit intimidating to me, but seems like something I need to do. I look forward to trying out the tools you showed us.
— Rob A.
Your workshop convinced me that making more of an effort with my online brand is worthwhile.
— Hanna
Mieko’s workshop provided me with a well-rounded approach to personal branding. She opened my mind so much, and now I can’t wait to start working on my portfolio, personal website, and LinkedIn profile.
— Jessica F.
Our students very were lucky to have Mieko present this material at a critical time in their career development. I hope that UVM and other VT institutions offer more formal and informal educational sessions on this topic, and I strongly encourage you ask Mieko to lead them. She has command of the material and an authentic voice that connects well with students.
— Cecilia D. on Portfolio & Personal Brand Workshop