Tristan H.

“In today’s world, I believe the mark of a professional artist is having an attractive and intriguing online presence; a topnotch, up-to-date website is a big part of that. My band Pete's Posse was in need of a new site with better functionality and accessibility. I contacted Mieko and within a month we had a superb new website. 

Mieko's expertise in web design and branding was indispensable in helping my band reach the next level of our online presence. Her calm guidance and patience, along with her drive and persistence, make her an inspiring person to work with. I highly recommend Radiance Studios to anyone looking to bring their brand to new levels of excellence!”

"Mieko is AWESOME! I have owned my own domain name for over a decade, but could not get to the point of actually building a website. An editor I was working with was pushing me to use WordPress. It overwhelmed me.

Mieko kindly and gently introduced me to SquareSpace and I am forever grateful. She is so knowledgeable and patient. I highly recommend her as a coach for anyone who is technologically challenged, or even if you are comfortable with the technology, but don't have a clue about self-presentation."

Candelin W.

"Mieko helped me clarify the main purpose of my new website. So important! In one hour with her, I was able to make all the decisions needed to lay out my site and assign content. This is work that would've otherwise taken me hours of research, plus trial and error. I'm ok with DIY, but now I don't feel like I'm wandering around in the dark. Plus she's available for help and problem solving as I go through the process of launching, promoting, tracking and updating my site. One-stop shopping!"

Martin B.

"We accomplished so much during the planning session for my websites with Mieko. She cleared away mistakes and confusion in my first stab at establishing a new website; then she gave clear, individualized steps to achieve my goals.  In a follow up email, the path for those steps was laid out. In other words, Mieko grasped where I wanted to go and showed me how to get there. I will not hesitate to recommend Radiance Studios."