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Educator ... Coach ... Connector... Collaborator...
Knowledge & Content Manager ... Project Manager ...  ... Organizational Developer ... Technologist ... Sustainability Officer

I started Radiance Studios after over a decade working as an educator, project & program manager, and sustainability officer for non-profits and small businesses. In practice, I am a generalist who holistically applies project management and systems thinking principles when problem solving and setting goals. These skills translate into my ability to help individuals and organizations sort through complex problems, arriving at solutions that empower and open up new opportunities. 

I believe individuals and organizations have great ambitions and ideas. Yet, from time to time, they get bogged down and overwhelmed with the details, unable to see the big picture. As a coach, I take the time to listen to you and utilize a mind-mapping process to visually present information, looking at an issue, problem, or organizational structure with a 30,000 foot viewBy seeing the breadth and depth of a matter, we are able to proceed with identifying and designing solutions to try out. This is followed by establishing time-bound goals. The client sets the agenda for each session because your questions are a priority toward your progress.

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