These are websites I have strategized, built, and developed with my clients on SquareSpace.


Pete's Posse

Built on the Aria template, this indexed website includes video, music clips, and a store to sell physical and digital albums. Pete's Posse is Vermont's own trad-roots trio with their own signature arrangements: a wide array of instruments playing a dynamic repertoire of folk roots genres; songs and tunes, traditional and original.


Vermont Womenpreneurs

Built on the Rally template, this indexed website integrates content from blogposts and Instagram posts into the layout. Vermont Womenpreneurs promotes small businesses owned and operated by women in the Green Mountain State.  


Candelin Wahl

Built on the Bedford template, we worked with Candelin to develop a portfolio website for her travel writing and poetry. This site was completed under a deadline to share her website with a publisher for an upcoming publication her poetry was featured in.


Cynthia Close

Built on the Five template, we coached Cynthia to organize her published writing portfolio with a user friendly content architecture and training on SquareSpace platform. The site was developed in a short period of time to meet a deadline for publisher, who wanted to print her website in a publication.


Jane Ozeki

Built on the Ishimoto template, this was one our earliest sites built on SquareSpace. A home base of photo and video content featuring Jane Ozeki, Aikido instructor and 7th dan practitioner.


Mieko Ozeki

Built on the Bedford template, this was my first portfolio website on SquareSpace. It integrates content from my social profiles and used as a model for professionals seeking to build a site to promote their personal brand. I utilize this site to demonstrate how a client can organize their  content and optimize search under their name.