Webinars and presentations 

Presentations given by Mieko, online and in classes.

We all have one – our own signature brand. Built upon years of work in our fields, we have developed and honed our reputations as professionals and leaders. Whether or not you are actively thinking about the impression you make on others, the things that you do form a specific idea of yourself in peoples minds - both in person and in the digital sphere. As an ELP Fellow, it’s time to start thinking about the impression you are making as a leader and professional. Learn how to manage and hone your professional brand so that others see you the way you WANT to be seen.

Senior Fellow Mieko Ozeki is the founder and owner of Radiance Studios LLC, a career and organizational development coaching service. She helps individuals with action planning, personal branding, and professional portfolio development and works with organizations to solve problems and reach their goals. With over a decade of projects and program management experience, she has worked for a variety of non-profit education and environmental organizations where sustainability and stewardship are core values. Currently, she is the Projects Coordinator at the University of Vermont's Office of Sustainability. Presented on March 10, 2015

Have you ever “googled” yourself and wondered what you (and others) can find about yourself? Do you know what your personal brand is and what is a personal brand anyhow? This webinar will provide some insights on personal branding, exploring how you project yourself to others whether in-person or to a virtual community, and what your “reputation” means in a digital world. We will introduce some simple exercises for participants to explore their unique strengths with the intention of building a personal brand. We’ll transition into how you can project and build your personal brand into the social media/online world. Tools and techniques for personal branding will be suggested in this session. Presented by Jenna Ringelheim, National Program Director at the Environmental Leadership Program Mieko A. Ozeki, ELP Senior Fellow, at www.miekoozeki.com

Presented by Mieko A. Ozeki, Sustainability Officer & Career Strategist, on April 17, 2014 at UVM for students in ENVS 151: Intermediate Environmental Studies. Presentation can be found at http://issuu.com/miekoa.ozeki/docs/building_a_portfolio___your_profess

Do you feel like you have a million projects going on at your organization? Are you having a difficult time keeping track of and managing these projects? This webinar will discuss best practices for developing project management systems that optimize communication and effectively achieve short and long term project goals. The purpose of the presentation is to provide environmental leaders with a tool box of technical solutions to help organize the multitude of projects while preventing burn out and maintaining sanity. Mieko Ozeki is the Sustainability Projects Coordinator at the University of Vermont and is a Senior Fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program.