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Career development is the process of shaping a work identity and plays a major role over the course of a person's lifetime. Many factors influence our career pathways. My goal is to help you (re)engage in your career journey, identify your priorities, and on track in meeting your goals. The focus of my career coaching services are:

Developing your professional/personal action plan: Work-life balance can be a challenge. Action planning is a holistic approach (involving personal reflection of your strengths, experiences, and identifying potential areas of growth) to finding a sustainable balance between your personal and professional goals. 

Developing your professional brand and  portfolio: Building, curating, and managing a meaningful, content rich professional brand is key in an increasingly social networked world.  


  • Initial consultation - Free 30-minute session. 
  • Private career coaching sessions (2 sessions per month) - $80 per 60-minute session 
  • Private one-time session service- $90 per 60-minute session
    • Professional brand development and strategic social media management
    • Portfolio review
    • Resume review
    • Interview preparation
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