AASHE Student Summit Workshop

  • Oregon Convention Center 777 NE MLK, Jr. Blvd. Portland, OR USA

Preparing for the Real World in the Sustainability Field

Registration:  conference.aashe.org


Mieko A. Ozeki, MS, ALM
Sustainability Projects Coordinator, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont

Allison Potteiger
Sustainability Communications Coordinator, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

While students will still have to determine the exact career they would like to pursue, and maybe pick out what they will wear on interview day, at the end of the workshop they should hopefully have the rest covered. Attendees will assess their hard and soft skills, discover what work they enjoy, determine the assets they need to build, learn how to build a professional portfolio and learn how to create their own brand to set them apart. We hope to have students walk out of the presentation confident that they can handle the next steps to land their first job out of college. No matter their major, job experience, and extracurriculars, students will leave with a better appreciation of their strengths and understand there are multiple paths to be followed on the way to their dream green job. Attendees will learn about themselves through interactive activities, including mind mapping and pitching their own compelling and engaging one minute stories to each other. Attendees are encouraged to assess and reflect on their own personal experiences and passions to uncover what makes them unique and valuable. They will then be able to build their own personal portfolios and establish an undeniable online and physical presence. We even offer a brief introduction to the general sustainability field, as well as suggest on-campus tools and search engines to find green jobs.